Your goal is to find a legendary Unicorn Dragons.

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Where Is My Dragon cards are ITEMs, and can interact with any DeFi dApp.



You can farm Common cards by adding liquidity to certain Uniswap V2 pools; Rare and Legendary cards must be crafted.


Dragons Are Hoarding TREASURE

current treasury

For ~1 year (2304000 ETH blocks), a portion of the tokens earned via EthOS fixed inflation will be sent to the Dragons’ smart contract, and the 6 wallets that capture the Dragons will each be entitled to ~16.6% of their hoarded treasure! Let the Dragon hunting begin!

Rules Treasury


There are 7 card types in total. 4 are Common, 2 are Rare and 1 is Legendary. Collect them all!

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The first card game based on ITEMs Token Standard. They're NFTs (ERC1155) but you can also use WIMD cards as ERC20 in DeFi dapps (AMMs, FalshLoans, Farm and so on) without needs to wrap/unwrap them

OpenSea ITEM Info
Illustrator Valemostro